feel like in thermos``

Yeah!! I just finished my chemistry exam. It was awesome!! and I am quite sure that I can a good mark but it's not likely going to happen.. Erm, my first chemistry exam, very very tough and I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who think it that way. Overall, I would say that this experience is crucial for me to face the next challenge/exam.

5% for the first exam?? That is my prediction for this test. Got to do the better for the next test though. Frankly, I'm not dissapointed at all. "Path to success is not going to be easy, dude!". That is what I commented @ Sally Cipan's status. ;)

*All my housemates are having the same problem..ouwwwhhhhhhhh

Matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara

Hadis di dalam video tersebut menerangkan kenapa matlamat, baik atau jahat, tidak menghalalkan cara. Termasuklah dalam amal ibadat kehidupan seharian kita.

*tq to Anamex87 @YouTube

Physical Chemistry isn't suck.

Dia sentiasa memberi petunjuk dan hidayah kepada hambanya, tapi andai hamba-Nya leka, pasti dicabut segala nikmat tersebut.

mUNGkinkah nikmat ak ditarik ? HARAP TIDAK. Aku akan berDoa utk yg terbaik !!

Material Deception.

That's what I got from my first Friday prayer in Toronto. We live here in this world only for a limited time. Hence, we need to beware in doing things in our life and obliging God is the utmost priority.

What's surprising me is the Muslim people are very generous in terms of giving donation. Shortly after the Friday prayer, one of the Masjid commitee stand up and give speech about how to spend money in the right path. Also, he asks for a donation of $1000 CAD from anyone. In a moment, a man raises his hand and says, $3000 CAD. Then, another person says $1000 CAD.

You know what, they are awesome!! Because they can donate their money in a large amount. That's not the thing though. As long as they are sincere, hopefully they will be blessed by God.

Living in Toronto is a must! Haha. Eventhough the living cost is very high in here, but I love it(the weather). It is so cold especially in the night. I wonder what will it be when the temperature drops below zero during winter. and also, I did not manage to buy an iPhone. It's waste of money, and LG TE365F is quite OK (it's FREE!!!). iPod Nano? Yes, I think I should have one.


I got nothing interesting to post, only this video. Still remember this video? It was quite funny when I saw it for the third time in TV3..Next time, I'll post a video that, to me, it is quite sarcastic to 1Malaysia concept..

Lucrative ad


The most expensive ad in TV3.. Have you wonder about it and what would be the price? PETRONAS~yeah, they are paying for it..RM 10,000 for 10-seconds ad? Well, it is just my prediction. It might be a bigger amount of money.

It's not really a big surprise for most of us because we see it frequently on Tv3..Compared to whatsoever advertisers, PETRONAS spend the most of their money just to promote their "oil"..OURS

If you do observe carefully, their ad will pop-out immediately after the Buletin Utama at 8.00 p.m. takes a break..And that's make them to pay the highest price for advertising in Tv3..

I write this fact based on the story that I got from my brother..I think it is true though..Statistically speaking, Buletin Utama at 8 p.m. has the highest viewers..And another thing is, the big amount of money is not a problem for Petronas, right?



I think everyone is alarmed with this quite old issue, PPSMI..So, I just want to share an experience that I have as a proof that the system does not work-well as the govt had hoped..Everything that is written here is only my OPINION ;)

My little brother, he's in Standard 4..he came to me and asked me about mathematics problem that he faced..so, I asked him to translate the question, from english to malay..He said he did not know what was the question asking for (he could not translate it word by word)..

I was quite surprise with his answer because he managed to answer other questions..then, he explained that he was helped by his teacher and friends, so that's why he can answer the questions..Laaa..ape citer neyh?

Thus, I come to a conclusion that he knows only these terms after he learned math in english for about 3.5 years: "sum, divide, multiply, subtract"..What's the point to learn in English if he does not understand the text? In exam, he always get a good grade for each subject..I wonder if he learned math in Bahasa, I think he would get a better grade..right??

Maybe you would not find this scenario in school located in city, only in 'kampung' area, I presume..Students from 'kampung' should be thankful as the PPSMI will be abolished in 2012..FullStop~

the Golden Ratio

I just found an interesting fact from Da Vinci Code (quite late)..As a reminder, please consider this post as an additional knowledge, not more than that..No worshipping, no Christianity agenda hidden.

The golden ratio = 1.618 = PHI

The Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion are the name called by the ancient artists..from Wikipedia, two quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger one equals the ratio of the larger one to the smaller ( I don't understand it too).. To make you understand, let's recall on one of the greatest Leonardo Da Vinci's painting, The Vitruvian Man..

Actually, the above picture (the real one) shows one example how The Golden Ratio was primarily discovered..Da Vinci discovered that the exact proportions of human bone structure was always equal..Can you see those lines in the picture?? Measure the distance of your tip head to the floor and from belly button to the floor..Guess what number would you get if both measurement are divided?? Of course 1.618..

Another example, the distance from your shoulder to your fingertips divide with the distance from elbow to fingertips..Plus, from hip to floor divides with knee to floor..you'll get another 1.618..amazing right??( I have not done the test yet )

There are lots of example besides the painting and you can find it 'hardly' on the net..

1. The number of female bees divide by the number of male bees = PHI

2. Pentagrams - lines automatically divide themselves into segments which follow the PHI

3. Fibonacci sequence - the quotients of the adjacent terms is approaching PHI

So, calculate now and see whether those facts are true or not !!!


This would be the shortest post that I have ever written in my life..

"harap2 hakim akan cepat sembuh dengan tulang kaki nyer yang patah dan sempat fly same2 ngan kitorang..sadid pon same gak.."

*i'm not sure what is the current condition of Hakim

Would it be true?

I watched the Buletin Utama on TV3 just now.. One of the news was Malaysia are going to reconsider the proposal of using Nuclear energy as an energy to generate the electricity in Malaysia.. One of the reason is the coal and gas resources are going to be depleted in the next 20 years..Before this, Malaysia had proposed about it but later we found another 'black gold' well, thus the plan was terminated (i'm not sure where is the new location situated).

Based on the research made by the scientists, the nuclear energy releases the smallest amount of carbon dioxide to the environment.. So, it is called as a friendly-environment resources and many countries in this world has already initiated their effort in order to fully harness the efficient of this renewable source eg. South Korea, US, Iran etc.

However, a place where the wasted radioactive materials will be kept is debatable among scientists..From Mr. Tan's lecture, he said the place is not safe for a limitless time..If something bad happens eg. war, natural disasters (volcano eruption, earthquake) the radioactive would leak to environment and human being would be exposed to it. Consequently, lots of problem will raise from the horrific event.

Erm, I think it is my duty as future Chemical Engineer to search for a new renewable resource which is much more better than nuclear and bio fuel energy..Please do not be surprised if my name is listed on the inventors of the newest renewable energy in the next 15-20 years..hehe

Windows 7.

Microsoft will release a new version of Windows 7 which is smooth, convenient, simple and offer lots of new application. However, we have to wait for 3 years for Microsoft to develop and release it. I think everyone has already knew about this new version of Windows. For those who are using Windows XP and Vista, you have the opportunity to make-up your windows with a theme of Windows 7. Basically, you won't get the real experience when using the theme, but only the appearance.

If you insist to experience this new Windows, you can try the Release Candidate version.The general public gained access to download the free beta since Jan. 9, 2009.

Here are 3 trusted download links for the themes :
Theme 1
Theme 2
Theme 3
Ux Patcher

PPSMM, who is to blame?

After I have read through almost all comments in Dr. Mahathir's blog, I found an interesting comment..So, I am going to share with all of you..I know some of you would not agree with me..~by ayahpong

-->Tak payahlah membawa contoh Singapura, mereka negara bandar. Jika seluruh Malaysia mempunyai kemudahan sekolah, peluang sama seperti anak-anak mereka wajarlah. Ini 2000 sekolah tidak ada elektrik/air nak laksana PPSMI.

TIMSS 2007 was a total reversal, with Malaysia losing out to Australia, England, Scotland and the United States in Mathematics (New Zealand not in the TIMSS 2007 list for Year 8 students) as well as being overtaken by Norway and Italy in science!

Malaysia plunged from No. 10 placing in mathematics in TIMSS 2003 to No. 20 placing in TIMSS 2007.

With the disastrous showing in mathematics at the eighth grade level, Malaysia not only lost to the five top Asian countries which took the first five places, namely Chinese Taipei (1), South Korea (2), Singapore (3), Hong Kong (4) and Japan (5) but also to Hungary (6), England (7), Russian Federation (8), United States (9), Lithuania (10), Czech Republic (11), Slovenia (12), Armenia (13), Australia (14), Sweden (15), Malta (16), Scotland (17), Serbia (18) and Italy (19).

In the three TIMSS 2007 for mathematics in eighth grade level, Malaysia dropped a hefty 45 score points from 519 points in 1999, 508 in 2003 to 474 in 2007 (500 is the TIMSS mathematics scale average). The Australian national report on TIMSS 2007 noted that Australia’s mathematics achievement score of 496 was “not significantly different to the TIMSS scale average” and “significantly higher than the remaining 31 countries, including Italy, Malaysia and Norway”.

For science, Malaysia also plunged below the TIMSS scale average of 500, falling to 471 points in 2007, a drop by 39 points as compared to 2003 (510). In 1999, Malaysia scored 492 points. Malaysia’s ranking in Year 8 science in TIMSS 2007 is No. 21, behind Sinagpore (1), Chinese Taipei (2), Japan (3). South Korea (4), England (5), Hungary (6), Czech Republic (7), Slovenia (8), Hong Kong (9), Russian Federation (10), United States (11), Lithuania (12), Australia (13), Sweden (14), Scotland (15), Italy (16), Armenia (17), Norway (18), Ukraine (19) and Jordan (20).

Ini UNESCO yang kata, bukan aku kata. Kalau UNESCO pun tak mahu ikut cuba bawa kajian lain.

… it is important that every effort should be made to provide education in the mother tongue. …

On educational grounds we recommend that the use of the mother tongue be extended to as late a stage in education as possible. In particular, pupils should begin their schooling through the medium of the mother tongue, because they understand it best and because to begin their school life in the mother tongue will make the break between home and school as small as possible.

(UNESCO 1951:691)


*the above link has been removed by NST

Suatu Kepalsuan~10 minit

“Rejab bulan Allah, Sya`aban bulanku dan Ramadhan bulan umatku”

Ini adalah hadith palsu yang direka oleh Ibn Jahdam. (lihat: Ibn Qayyim al-Jauziyyah, al-Manar al-Munif fi al-Sahih wa al-Dha`if, m.s. 95, Syria: Maktab al-Matbu`at al-Islamiyyah)

Nama penuhnya Ibn Jahdam ialah `Ali bin `Abdillah bin Jahdam al-Zahid. Beliau meninggal pada tahun 414H. Beliau adalah seorang guru sufi di Mekah. Dia juga dituduh membuat hadith palsu mengenai solat Raghaib (iaitu solat pada jumaat pertama bulan Rejab). (lihat: al-Imam al-Zahabi, Mizan al-`Itidal fi Naqd al-Rijal,. 5, m.s. 173,Beirut: Dar al-Kutub al-`Ilmiyyah).

Sebab itulah al-Imam Ibn al-Salah (meninggal 643H) menyebut: Ada beberapa golongan yang membuat hadith palsu, yang paling bahaya ialah puak yang menyandarkan diri mereka kepada zuhud (golongan sufi). Mereka ini membuat hadith palsu dengan dakwaan untuk mendapatkan pahala. Maka orang ramai pun menerima pendustaan mereka atas thiqah (kepercayaan) dan kecenderungan kepada mereka. Kemudian bangkitlah tokoh-tokoh hadith mendedahkan keburukan mereka ini dan menghapuskannya. AlhamdulilLah. (Ibn al-Salah, `Ulum al-Hadith, m.s. 99, Beirut: Dar al-Fikr al-Mu’asir)

Golongan penceramah, imam, khatib, dan media massa hendaklah berhati-hati agar tidak menjadi agen penyebaran hadith-hadith palsu mengenai amalan-amalan yang dikatakan disunatkan pada bulan-bulan tersebut. Kata al-Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jauziyyah (wafat 751H): Hadith-hadith mengenai solat Raghaib pada jumaat pertama bulan Rejab kesemuanya itu adalah palsu dan dusta ke atas Rasulullah s.a.w. Begitu juga semua hadith mengenai puasa bulan Rejab dan solat pada malam-malam tertentu adalah dusta ke atas Nabi s.a.w. Demikian juga hadith-hadith mengenai solat pada malam Nisfu Sya`aban (kesemuanya adalah palsu). Solat-solat ini direka selepas empat ratus tahun munculnya Islam (Ibn al-Qayyim, al-Manar al-Munif, m.s. 95-98).

Copyrights from Dr. Asri's Website

What is Tag?

Rules:It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people.Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question..By the way, who cares about the rules??
Remember the saying, "Bollock to the rules!!" (Lord of the Flies)

1. What is your name : Amir Fakhruddin

2. A four Letter Word : Amir (hard one to find)

3. A boy's Name : Anwar (he could be anyone)

4. A girl's Name : Amira ( a friend of mine)

5. An occupation : Accountant (my old ambition)

6. A color : Amber

7. Something you'll wear : Armor (it sounds weird la..)

9. A food : Ayam

10. Something found in the bathroom : Anonymous (seriously, i've no idea)

11. A place : Alberta

12. A reason for being late : Aaaaaa... sory for the late~

13. Something you'd shout : Alahai ekau neyh..

14. A movie title : Armageddon, Around the world in 80 days

15. Something you drink : Air Kosong

16. A musical group : Avenged Sevenfold

17. An animal : Ant

18. A type of car : Audi

19. The title of a song : All I have to give, Addicted to me, Amazing, Anything But Ordinary (ooppsss!!! too much)

20. Othersto be tagged : Ab, syafiq, anas, amemerudin, ammar, hakim, salman, aiman, azwan, affan, + all my friends..

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It Makes Me Crazee~

I want to make a confession here..
I love to play FIFA08..
I can't remember how it began overwhelming my entire life..
I play it everyday, 24/7, but not the entire day, almost 4-6 hours a day..
now, i'm getting tired and bored of it..
this is the same feeling that I had before..
though, I still play it till now..
this game took my precious time when I was in ICPU..
I played it about 1 hour per day in weekdays..
in weekends, a bit longer..

1 hour x 300 days = 300 hours = 12.5 days

Seriously, lots of time had been spared..
I had considered the bad consequences once before but I still played it everyday ..
without any REGRET..haha..
'LOSE'- the last thing that I'll do in my life..
I always beat them in the game..
that's the ultimate reason why I like to play it..
sorry guys for the lost especially Syafiq..=)

p/s: Credits to my FIFAmate; syafiq aka patrick, amememerudin abey, azri kecik, faza (boy next door), qayyum..

*that's me wearing Man United jersey. haha. i'm a die hard fan of them

Here In My Home~

When I saw this video last night, I thought this video brought a message for "OneMalaysia" concept that was introduced by Najib..in my opinion, 'one malaysia' is just a rhetoric from the government..but I was wrong about the video.."This video is a non-profit, non-partisan, independent project from Malaysians directly to Malaysians"..That's what I get from YouTube description..I would say it's a nice video to watch full with message of unity..to get more information, check this link : http://www.malaysianartistesforunity.info

Don't forget to check out this video by Heal The World by Michael Jackson..I knew this song on the day he died..FullStop

oh no, Malaysia??

This was a conversation between me and cik Zakiah (MARA Officer) 24/06/2009 10:09 a.m

amir : Assalamualaikum..boleh saya bercakap dgn cik zakiah??

cik zakiah : ya, saya di sini..

amir : saya amir, student mara, pelajar icpu sessi 2008/09..n saya baru jek graduate..overall average saya 80 jek..tp mara nakkan 85..macam maner ye kak??

cik zakiah : camney la dik..setelah perbincangan mara dibuat, kami bersetuju untuk tidak menghantar pelajar yg mendapat keputusan 80-84.99%..disebabkkan kekurangan bekalan kewangan untuk tahun neyh..so, faham2 je la ye dik..kemungkinan adik kene belajar di malaysia je la..

amir : owh..camtuh ke kak..takpe2..saya terima jek ape2 keputusan mara..saya pon da expect bende neyh..klu UTP atau UNITen boleh x??

cik zakiah : boleh2, nanti cik amir hantar secepatnye lah ye borang pendaftaran Universiti tempatan yang adik mintak..kalau boleh sebelum akhir bulan depan..

amir : OK kak, ditanggung beres..n terima kasih

cik zakiah : sama2..

p/s: As I have expected, I'm able to go to Canada..The above conversation is nothing, not real..It is just an idea to fill in my blog with crapping stuff.. =) FullStop

Ekspreskan Diriku...

Kemalasan untuk menulis dalam English..

Baru je balik dari kursus lesen kereta..Huh~penat giler dengar ceramah jek..3 jam dalam bilik dengan air-conditioner..sedap giler duduk dalam tuh..da la banyak giler gelak.memang best la ceramah tuh..macam-macam cerita pelik aku dengar..salah satunyer, ade orang sangka ; E=enough & F=finish..dua-dua simbol memang selalu jumpe lah kalau sesiapa 'drive' motor atau kereta..ade sorang mamat neyh pening kepala bila tiba-tiba enjin kereta mati dan baru jek dapat lesen P..siap telefon rumah, mak, abah, adik-beradik semua tanya macam mana nak selesaikan problem tuh..padahal, minyak dah habis..petanda tunjuk kat 'E'..hmm, pelik giler mamat tuh..macam mane la boleh dapat lesen kereta~haha..

Sampai rehat jek, nak makan tengahari, nasi xde..aduhai, kecik betol kedai tuh..masak nasi gune periuk saiz kat rumah..hmm, memang untuk beberapa orang je la boleh makan..minum air pon jadi lah (untuk beberapa minit je la boleh tahan)..amali punyer part memang boring..da la panas (malaysia memang terkenal dengan suhu panas dan lembap)..sebagai kesannya, ak makin tension..nak balik jek dalam kepala otak..panas r malaysia~..akhirnya, dapat gak balik..tapi bende paling penting sekali, balik jek, internet connection is upgraded..wahhh!! bestnyer la cuti neyh..bende pertama yg aku nak buat, kene selesaikan problem adsense dulu..haha~FullStop

The Italian Job

Wednesday, a big surprise and relieve..I got my results and I achieved my target marks..and I did better than last semester..alhamdulillah~and the more important thing is, there is still a hope for me to go to Canada..n right now, the last challenge is I need to deal with MARA whether they are going to allow me n others who got 80-85 to go overseas or not..it is quite difficult for us to accomplish this mission because of the economy crisis that affect the global and MARA is not excluded from the enormous problem..Hopefully, they have already allocated the money for us..

Hmm, but I don't really 'too' care about the option to study abroad or local (but I do care, actually)..'rezeki' is everywhere, not in canada and malaysia only..it's all depend on God..but we'll do our best to do whatever it takes get the job done..the only option that I have in Canada is UofT and I'll go for it..(I don't know how I can get such offer)

"To be a canadian student might be something"
"To be a mistress of Pemberley might be something"(cited from Pride and Prejudice)

Why not Angel or Demon but Cat???

Hmm, I wonder why ‘Curiosity killed the Cat’ but not dog, angel, or demon?? This question started to emblazon my mind since last week, when I watched a cartoon show “Cat and Dog’ on TV3..and I still remember what the cat said, “Remember dog, curiosity killed the dog”..haha..it’s funny when the first time I heard it.. So, I have made some effort to find out the truth about this quote..and the my search result turned zero..however, I found this; “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back”~(Eugene O’Neill).

I am not satisfy with my findings so far, though..why curiosity has something to do with cat and what could save the cat from being killed instead of satisfaction?? Is it by generous, wisdom, integrity, or excellence??? (it sounds like taylor’s)..Huh~ I better stop crappin’ about this topic..but it should be interesting if I can find the basis for this quote..So friends, if you’re reading this, great!!! Help me answering the esoteric questions..

Now, to the topic of Angel and Demon.. Recently, I just bought a novel Angel and Demon (thanks to my friend for giving suggestion, unconsciously). I have read the first 8 chapter, and I found it is damn interesting..you know why?? It talks about physics, the antimatter stuff..I just learned it in ICPU and it’s about the anti-neutrino that the scientists has found in the atom recently..from the effect of X-ray scatter the proton and electron(if some of you still can remember)..that book also mentions about the GUT(generic unifying theory)..but, till now, scientists have not found the formula to unify the gravitational, electrostatic, and electromagnetic force into one..and last but not least, the phallic symbol from psychological criticisms in English4U..I suggest to all of you, read this book~FullStop

*I’ll get my result tomorrow on-line..Prepare for the worse

Things that I’m going to do...


- internet, the most vital thing in my life.. right now, I’m using 56kbps..totally outdated and very slow..i want to find a celcom broadband that is cheaper than the normal rates..a new package for the government staff..it only can be found at celcom centre..RM 50/month..emm, very very affordable for me..

Making money with blog

-huh~ it has been two weeks since I’ve registered with Google for my Adsense account..finally, my account has been approved..YEAH!!!make some money, $$$..so if you want to join me and my friends, just tell me..

Read novels

-Luckily, I’m going to KLCC next week..finally, I find a better place to find a novel, Kinokuniya and I’m gonna find the latest one..i’m not living in a big city, so there are no such place in my hometown that sell all kind of novels..IT IS NOT FOR CPT PROJECT..haha


-I love math..when the first time I opened up the book, I said “what the heck??”..haha, it’s really thick..together with its solution manual, it is almost 1000 pages..the thing is, that is the reality that I have to face..I’m gonna see that thick book again in U..Now, I’m trying to grasp all information about Integration..in IcPU, we learned calculus but we did not learn integration..


-I got a bunch of movies in my collection that I have not seen yet (40+- movies)..and it causes my computer to run at slower speed..only 6GB space left in Hard Disk.. I just watched a few of them..The movies were downloaded from April to May (the last two months in ICPU)..internet connection at CASA is faster when I used Internet Download Manager (IDM)..I have all types of movies; anime, thriller, action, comedy, and horror..not all I think..

“P” license

-I need to get this soon..i’m under 18 when I was waiting for SPM result..so I can’t take the test..however, I still have motor license.. it’s better than nothing..but I'm really scare to drive car…(that is the first thought came to my mind before I became pro in driving motorcycle..haha)

Best for Us

Fuuuhhh!!! I feel very relieve because finally, ICPU is over ..No more burden of study (calculus, physics n english which is the most challenging subject)..but it's only for a short period of time..the most important thing is I'm gonna miss my friends a lot..A lot of happy moments still adhere in my memory and I won't forget it..hmm, life goes on, no turning back..The next thing that I'm gonna do is pray the best for myself and my friends in our final examination.. Hopefully, I score well in physics and calculus to cover back my english mark(the paper was very hard)..Then, I got a question that I need to figure out myself..are MARA going to send their students who got 80 or not?? To answer this question, I need to refer back to our Deen..God has fixed our fate and whatever we do, if He does not allow us to achieve it, we won't get it..The same situation in my life, if Allah said that my future is not in Canada, so I have to accept it willingly..All my effort in ICpu is only 1% of my success, while the rest (99%) comes from our pray to Him..But still, I'm hoping and praying that I can go to Canada along with my friends..

"But it is possible that you like dislike a thing that is good for you, and that you a love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knows but you do not know ." (Al-Baqarah-216)

Hmm, from this verse, I conclude that ALLAH KNOWS BEST FOR US..

The most horrific accident in F1

*Thanks to PhotographersDirect.com

My fate is --

"Fucking damn"~never ever say this word..yesterday, i just lost my 5-months phone..this is the second time it happens in my life..The last time that I still remember when I held it after I got down from bus at 3.oo p.m...and then, I can't remember anything..How come I did not realize my phone was lost till 8.30 p.m??..but thanks to sadid because he made me thought that he has my phone till this morning..otherwise, i would not focus on English last night..I had already lost a phone in the previous term (gift for spm) and I used it for only 6 months..I bought it on March o8..When I was in school, i lost my watches 3 times..Now, I'm waiting for my mom and other siblings to scold me..haha..I think i can never have expensive things in my hand..huh~seriously, I'm very careless with my stuffs..
Today's paper was a bit scary(English4U)..I'm scared if I could not 70% in English..no 70%, no Canada..aduyh, another challenge in my life..

* Hopefully, I can buy a new phone when I go to Canada (Amin~)..and it 'll last more than 2 years..haha..Nokia 7210 was my favourite one

Conclusion of Physics Grade 12

Most of us see physics as a quest for understanding the physical world around us. While this may be well true, we sometimes mistakenly take this reasonable observation to a naïve conclusion. We assume that, at some time in the not-so-distant future, all will be known. This is not just true today. Near the end of the 19th century, after Maxwell’s equations had been published, many scientists assumed that most of the truths about the physical world had been discovered and revealed. All that remained was to fill in some pieces here and there.

Now more than 100 years later, we can look back and see how naïve this idea was. Today, in the early part of the 21st century, the best theories that we have leave us with more questions than answers. When one begins to develop an appreciation for all of this, one is compelled to conclude that the universe in which we live is far more complex than we could ever imagine.

In your study of physics, you have seen theories proposed, tested, and refined or abandoned. Throughout this untiring process of testing and re-testing, one thing has remained constant: that learning happens when we ask questions. Perhaps this is the greatest lesson of all: that science, and indeed life, is about developing a sense of wonder, cultivating a thirst for understanding and a true humility to ask questions.

With the above thoughts, we truly conclude our Physics 12. I thank all of you for being part of this exciting journey of learning.

From : Mr Tan Swee Chuan (May 26, 4.17pm)

*He has a similar face like Jackie Chan..It's true and you can see it in the picture..haha..

LAN video

Yeah!!!finally, i manage to post it..Take a look at this video even though i have contribute the "greatest" role in the making of it..haha

Credits : Helmi(m@stermInD), Sadid, Hakim, Abdullah, n me..