I got nothing interesting to post, only this video. Still remember this video? It was quite funny when I saw it for the third time in TV3..Next time, I'll post a video that, to me, it is quite sarcastic to 1Malaysia concept..

Lucrative ad


The most expensive ad in TV3.. Have you wonder about it and what would be the price? PETRONAS~yeah, they are paying for it..RM 10,000 for 10-seconds ad? Well, it is just my prediction. It might be a bigger amount of money.

It's not really a big surprise for most of us because we see it frequently on Tv3..Compared to whatsoever advertisers, PETRONAS spend the most of their money just to promote their "oil"..OURS

If you do observe carefully, their ad will pop-out immediately after the Buletin Utama at 8.00 p.m. takes a break..And that's make them to pay the highest price for advertising in Tv3..

I write this fact based on the story that I got from my brother..I think it is true though..Statistically speaking, Buletin Utama at 8 p.m. has the highest viewers..And another thing is, the big amount of money is not a problem for Petronas, right?