keep doing it.

It has been a week since I got that letter. (what letter?)
did I change in a week? heh. seriously, I dont know.
However, the letter really gives impact to me. I've been trying to push myself beyond my limit. KEEP STUDYING, Yeah!!!

haha. I was really scared at the moment I received the letter.
But, humans is not perfect. "Al-Insan", derived from "An-Nas".
They keep changing and forgetting. They need to be always reminded. Myself as well.
Still waste my time on downloading, installing, and unistalling (because the game didn't work). Can't really avoid it.
Maybe they should give me a warning letter everyday.

Even tough currently is reading week, I've been managed to avoid reading "Face"book frequently. Great achievement.

Slave or Servant

A slave was asked by his master to slaughter a sheep and give him the best 2 pieces from it.
The slave gave him tongue and heart.

As the time passed, his master asked him to slaughter a sheep and give him the worst 2 pieces from it.
Again, the slave gave him tongue and heart.

Why did he give "tongue and heart"? This is an easy question.
"There is nothing better than these if they are good, and there is nothing worse than these if they are bad."

What about human?

--A story from Ethiopia.


Korang dpt surat mcam neyh

mesti CUAK giler @#$% kan??

haha.nasib baik MARA tak bagi betul2 kat budak2 yg tak dapat 3.0..
surat ney pon palsu..
So, mari berusaha sebelom MARA kasi betul2 surat neyh..

*ak scan dari offer letter MARA yg lepas. tarikh pun nampak sangat ak edit.haha