Physical Chemistry isn't suck.

Dia sentiasa memberi petunjuk dan hidayah kepada hambanya, tapi andai hamba-Nya leka, pasti dicabut segala nikmat tersebut.

mUNGkinkah nikmat ak ditarik ? HARAP TIDAK. Aku akan berDoa utk yg terbaik !!

Material Deception.

That's what I got from my first Friday prayer in Toronto. We live here in this world only for a limited time. Hence, we need to beware in doing things in our life and obliging God is the utmost priority.

What's surprising me is the Muslim people are very generous in terms of giving donation. Shortly after the Friday prayer, one of the Masjid commitee stand up and give speech about how to spend money in the right path. Also, he asks for a donation of $1000 CAD from anyone. In a moment, a man raises his hand and says, $3000 CAD. Then, another person says $1000 CAD.

You know what, they are awesome!! Because they can donate their money in a large amount. That's not the thing though. As long as they are sincere, hopefully they will be blessed by God.

Living in Toronto is a must! Haha. Eventhough the living cost is very high in here, but I love it(the weather). It is so cold especially in the night. I wonder what will it be when the temperature drops below zero during winter. and also, I did not manage to buy an iPhone. It's waste of money, and LG TE365F is quite OK (it's FREE!!!). iPod Nano? Yes, I think I should have one.