The most horrific accident in F1

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My fate is --

"Fucking damn"~never ever say this word..yesterday, i just lost my 5-months phone..this is the second time it happens in my life..The last time that I still remember when I held it after I got down from bus at 3.oo p.m...and then, I can't remember anything..How come I did not realize my phone was lost till 8.30 p.m??..but thanks to sadid because he made me thought that he has my phone till this morning..otherwise, i would not focus on English last night..I had already lost a phone in the previous term (gift for spm) and I used it for only 6 months..I bought it on March o8..When I was in school, i lost my watches 3 times..Now, I'm waiting for my mom and other siblings to scold me..haha..I think i can never have expensive things in my hand..huh~seriously, I'm very careless with my stuffs..
Today's paper was a bit scary(English4U)..I'm scared if I could not 70% in 70%, no Canada..aduyh, another challenge in my life..

* Hopefully, I can buy a new phone when I go to Canada (Amin~)..and it 'll last more than 2 years..haha..Nokia 7210 was my favourite one

Conclusion of Physics Grade 12

Most of us see physics as a quest for understanding the physical world around us. While this may be well true, we sometimes mistakenly take this reasonable observation to a naïve conclusion. We assume that, at some time in the not-so-distant future, all will be known. This is not just true today. Near the end of the 19th century, after Maxwell’s equations had been published, many scientists assumed that most of the truths about the physical world had been discovered and revealed. All that remained was to fill in some pieces here and there.

Now more than 100 years later, we can look back and see how naïve this idea was. Today, in the early part of the 21st century, the best theories that we have leave us with more questions than answers. When one begins to develop an appreciation for all of this, one is compelled to conclude that the universe in which we live is far more complex than we could ever imagine.

In your study of physics, you have seen theories proposed, tested, and refined or abandoned. Throughout this untiring process of testing and re-testing, one thing has remained constant: that learning happens when we ask questions. Perhaps this is the greatest lesson of all: that science, and indeed life, is about developing a sense of wonder, cultivating a thirst for understanding and a true humility to ask questions.

With the above thoughts, we truly conclude our Physics 12. I thank all of you for being part of this exciting journey of learning.

From : Mr Tan Swee Chuan (May 26, 4.17pm)

*He has a similar face like Jackie Chan..It's true and you can see it in the picture..haha..

LAN video

Yeah!!!finally, i manage to post it..Take a look at this video even though i have contribute the "greatest" role in the making of it..haha

Credits : Helmi(m@stermInD), Sadid, Hakim, Abdullah, n me..