I really am a sudoku-lover. It can be so interesting if I can solve the puzzle even if it takes times. Sometimes, it's kinda irritating and frustrating though when you couldn't solve the puzzle. Anyway, it's a way of training your brain to think logically. Really?

So, if you're doing nothing, you should give a try. At least, you're not letting your mind in the 'idle' mode. You can it try it on the net, but I prefer to have the printed one. It's easier as you can write on it.

I just wanna share a website that gives a lot of tips(here) on how to solve the sudoku. If you're a novice, the best way is to disregard this link since it's aimed to solve a very difficult one. :)

 *Actually, you can google it and it is at the top of the search list.
3 Responses
  1. syafiq Says:

    aii...cuti main sudoku je ke...pes ko pe cer?

  2. syafiq Says:
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  3. amiir Says:

    pes da boring coz world cup da abes.

    klu ak beli newspaper jek ak men sudoku, klu x, xde la.